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How we create Mobile games that players LOVE


The generation of the idea is the result of a study of what the players need.

A successful project starts offering them something they want.


The second challenge for success is the organization of the project.

We are committed to our goals.


We use the feedback from our end users to build the best game.

The development time of the game will be the minimum.

Ancla 1

Knife Hit

Throw a lot of knifes to the trunks. Hit the tomatoes to get more score!



A complete terror game engine. Do you have all the features that you need to implement in a triple AAA horror game.

Sugar match 3.jpg

Sugar Match 3

A complete match 3 game. Play endless levels of fun, experiment with fun mechanics and get the highest score on each level.

geometry jump.jpg

Geometry Jump

Play endless levels of fun and get the highest score in this endless game.

hidden object.jpg

Hidden Object

The dragons need help and you are the only one who can find the lost items. Pay close attention, each level is more difficult than the previous one!


Koala Shooter

Avenir Light es una fuente elegante ideal para diseñadores. Es una excelente fuente para títulos, párrafos y más.

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